“Anna Tonna’s fine Laura proved most elegant in deportment, line and authentic proto-veristic style.”
David Shengold
Opera Magazine (London)
"As Adalgisa was the mezzo soprano from the United States Anna Tonna, a voice of notable volume, good projection and important agility, with good acting and most importantly, with the ability to to fill the Metropolitano Theatre, whose acoustic is impossible, and has been known to put a damper on voices such as that of Eva Marton.”
Emilio Sanmiguel
El Nuevo Siglo (Colombia)
"Anna Tonna effectively stole the show as Ernestina, offering a prototype of the classic quick-witted Rossini heroine with a heart of gold as well as showing off her warm, secure mezzo-soprano to maximum advantage."
Peter G. Davis
New York Magazine

Upcoming Events

November 12


Rival Queens

Bau Street Opera presents the virtual world premiere of Divaria Productions’ original biopic opera Rival Queens; telling the story of Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I; featuring music from Donizetti’s opera Maria Stuarda with English subtitles. 

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November 14

             Rival Queens

Rite of Spring Festival streams an original biopic opera by Divaria Productions, Rival Queens, telling the story of Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I; featuring music from Donizetti’s opera Maria Stuarda with English subtitles.


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November 22

Digital Streaming via Scenikus Platform (Europe)

Sergej Producciones hosts the European digital premiere of Rival Queens, on Scenikus Platform.

Information TBA

In the News

“The protagonists of this concert have a long trajectory of commitment to music composed by women. They add to these values themes of environmental justice and sustainability..their inspiration and knowledge reached great artistic heights, thanks to the hard work of both the interpreters and composers, to the delight to all that were present”.
“The state room ‘Don Luis’ of the National Palace of Ajuda in the city of Lisbon converged this past March 14 in a meeting point of artists and personalities who attended to enjoy a recital of songs by Dominican composers entitled “From shore to shore”, presented by the Embassy of the Dominican Republic to Portugal.
Listin Diario
Dominicans en Portugal
"Every pitch was precise and every phrase flowed luxuriously. But what was most enjoyable about her performance of this particular passage was the clarity of her text and how it fit perfectly into the musical language. As evidenced in other performances, this is undeniably one of Tonna's strengths and it allows for an immersive experience of her singing that not all singers possess. This was only furthered by her stage presence."
David Salazar
Opera Wire


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