October 16-20 • 7:30 P.M.

Teatro Latea, 107 Suffolk Street, Manhattan (Lower East Side)

Anna will appear in the role of “La Roldan”, in Gimenez and Nieto’s zarzuela “El Barbero de Sevilla”, presented by New Camerata Opera in New York City.  Directed by Pablo Zinger, stage direction by Rod Gomez.

That plot features an aspiring young soprano, Elena, whose operatic ambitions are supported by her mother Casimira, her singing teacher Cesare Battaglia, and her fiancé Ricardo. Her proud, patriarchal father Nicolas, however, forbids a theatrical career. Unbeknownst, however, Nicolas is having an affair with the operatic diva, “La Roldán” and Ricardo, while posing as an “agricultural engineer,” is also pursuing an operatic career.

For Tickets: https://www.todaytix.com/x/nyc/shows/18452-el-barbero-de-sevilla